If you got here by googling Christian Hege, then on the way you may have stumbled on Hans Christian Hege, who wrote the article “Fast and resolution-independent line integral convolution,” and others.  That’s not me.

Or maybe Christian Hege, a Mennonite Historian who died in 1943.  Not me either.

Or maybe the reverend Christian Hege, a Mennonite minister who died in 1971.  Nope.

There are three Christian Heges on Facebook.  There are four of us on Skype.  The internet has made the world so much a smaller place, that I’m looking through a telescope at the back of my head (I believe that is a Dr. Seuss story, and I’ll update here when I find it).

I’m not sure how many of these Christian Heges wrote verse.  Or, you know, write verse.  That’s me.  I’m the one that writes verse.  In English.

And somehow, none of those other guys thought to register christianhege.com.  So voilà.