UnidentifiedColorsUnidentified Colors, by unidentified son or daughter.  Watercolor on paper, unidentified time in 2008-2012

I have this piece of art. My son, or daughter –
I don’t know which – came home with it one day,
Or made it in the kitchen… paints, and water,
On… bristol? I’m not sure. Just now, today,
I thought I’d clean a bit, and found it here,
Among the bills and coupons, gathering dust.
I’m clueless. I can’t even name the year.
It isn’t in a box – that means it must
Be sometime since I moved. That time went on
A little quickly, taking as its cost
Two children growing – several years are gone,
And on the way, some memories were lost.
This piece was one. It leaps from then to now,
Without recalling who, or when, or how.