Shawna L. HandkeBirds Through the Window.  Acrylic on Canvas.

This could be where a fairy tale begins,
Or maybe where it ends. It isn’t clear.
An autumn murmuration, gale force winds,
Exhaustion, and an open window. Here.
The sill affords at least a moment’s rest.
There likely isn’t anything to eat.
Too far from any trees to build a nest,
But now, just now, this high above the street,
We breathe. A male, a female. Lost, alive.
It’s evening now. We’ll sleep – the storm is gone.
Tomorrow, maybe others will arrive,
As lost as we. And maybe with the dawn,
We’ll find some food, a branch, a place to start…
And so become the storyteller’s art.


– Nyack, NY,  Thursday Jan 3, 2013