Sera Flomenhaft, Orange Flowers. Watercolor crayons on paper, 6″ x 9″.  Nov 2013

Beneath a finite, watercolor blue
Played out across a sheet of strict dimension,
With paper, paint, and nothing much to do,
An elemental, orange-red-green invention:
A sequence. Absent postulate, or proof,
A set. With rules, to stake a claim to page.
At once naive and wise, engaged, aloof,
Like holding fingers up, to tell your age.
Perhaps one tenth my time, you’ve been on earth.
And when your children’s children are alive,
Three hundred mortal seasons past your birth,
Things still begin with one, or two, or five,
And hit abstraction’s tipping point, just growing.
Then come the endless billions, past all knowing.


– Nyack, NY  Wednesday November 24, 2013