estellaLittleGirlEstella Laird, Girl in Day. Markers on Paper, 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2

It happens only now and then to me:
An otherwise complacent afternoon,
Some simple thing, too beautiful to see
Might give no warning, then unfold too soon.
There may be clouds. Or light could hit my eyes
And dazzle, or the grass might feel just so.
I look, but quickly. It could be unwise
To gaze, and lose my footing. But I know
It’s there, and written out in red, and blue:
An icon, bursting forth with joy too great.
And for a time, in spite of all I do,
I’m haunted by a happiness. I wait,
Then look again. Again, her eyes, and hair.
Again, this sudden bliss. Again, she’s there.

– Nyack, NY  Sunday May 5, 2013