EoghanGiraffeEoghan Hege-Cornell, Giraffe.  Ball-point pen on paper napkin.  c. 2004

When you were very little, every day
You’d come to me with paper and a pen,
So I could draw a horse. And I would say,
“But you can do it” – time and time again,
You answered that you wouldn’t get it right,
Until a day I really can’t recall.
Somehow I didn’t see it happen, quite –
And then you didn’t need my help at all.
From there, menageries sprang into being,
An untamed ink-on-paper point of view.
Your hand had somehow slowed the truth of seeing –
Your eyes already knew the world at two.
The world took note, and offered light and shade,
And then stood still, to have its portrait made.