Sone Hege-Cornell, Rainbow. Markers on paper towel, 8 1/2″ x 11″. c. Dec 2002

One evening, yellow came to visit red.
They played, and ate, and talked of dark and light.
And when it got too late, they went to bed,
And snuggled up, and glowed, and said goodnight.
They dreamt of orange – a pleasant kind of shimmer
They’d felt between them sometimes, when they met.
But late that night, when colors should be dimmer,
Some hues they hadn’t stopped to think of yet
Burst forth and arced beyond the stratosphere,
Outshone the moon, and reached for nebulae
Where stars are born, and caught one, brought it here,
And placed it just above them in the sky.
Next morning, everything was somehow lighter.
And all the pretty colors now were brighter.


– Nyack, NY Friday November 29, 2013